Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ Profile



Unleash adaptability! Dive into the Agile EQ™ Profile and master emotional intelligence in real-time. Navigate workplace dynamics with ease, foster better relationships, and stand out in any scenario. It’s not just a profile; it’s your ticket to professional agility. Be ready for anything!

The Everything DiSC® Agile EQ program begins with a scientifically validated online assessment that uncovers a participant’s inherent emotional intelligence and DiSC® style. The findings are then presented in a personalized 26-page report highlighting areas for improvement in their natural reactions for better results in various circumstances.

Embrace adaptability in an ever-changing professional landscape with the DiSC® Agile EQ Profile. This tool fosters emotional intelligence, helping professionals navigate various social interactions with agility.

  • Key Features: Emotional intelligence assessment, situational response strategies, and adaptive behavior techniques.
  • Benefits: Boosted workplace adaptability, strengthened interpersonal relationships and heightened emotional resilience.

In group settings, the program can be made more impactful with the use of interactive presentations, captivating videos, and diverse teaching aids, ensuring that the learning outcomes are ingrained in the organizational culture.



Revised: In today’s rapidly changing business environment, companies are facing increasing challenges such as globalization, advancements in technology, increasing diversity in the workplace, and intense competition. In order to keep pace, companies must develop organizational agility – a key skill that requires emotional intelligence.

Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ leverages the personalized insights of DiSC® to enhance emotional intelligence and help participants become more responsive to the emotional and interpersonal dynamics of any situation. Through this program, participants will:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the underlying instincts and tendencies that influence their interactions and responses
  2. Identify opportunities to step outside their comfort zone and create more meaningful and effective outcomes
  3. Learn how to be agile and adapt to the changing demands of the workplace with ease and effectiveness.

Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ Profile

The Agile EQ learning journey is complemented by a range of post-assessment resources to reinforce the key takeaways. These resources include:

  • MyEverythingDiSC®™, a mobile-friendly platform that lets participants access their Agile EQ insights anytime, anywhere.
  • Comparison Reports, which enable participants to compare their EQ styles with others and gain practical tips for improving their working relationships.
  • Team View, is a quick overview of the group’s DiSC® profile data that is accessible to facilitators.
  • Facilitator Report, a comprehensive analysis of the group’s DiSC® culture, including its advantages and disadvantages, effects on group members, and influence on decision-making.

Catalyst is the latest learning experience that keeps Agile EQ participants engaged and motivated through its modular training format and organizational colleague comparisons.


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