Everything DiSC® Team View


View your entire team at a glance! 12 graphs per page. This straightforward report displays the style and dot placement for each participant in your Everything DiSC® assessment group, making it easy to see everyone’s scores and names. Keep it readily available during workshops for quick reference when participants have questions about their style. Some facilitators in high-trust groups may choose to share this report with the group.


The Everything DiSC® Team View report provides a quick overview of a group of individuals who have completed the Everything DiSC® assessment, showcasing each participant’s name and DiSC® style. Simply select any group of people who have taken the assessment to get an instant summary of their profiles. The report is free and there is no limit to the number of participants you can include.

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The EPIC Edge

EPIC is an online profile delivery system that provides a simple way to send, customize, print, and store online assessments. As an EPIC system administrator, you have full control.