DiSC Personality Test – Adapting to the High S Personality

When a persons  DiSC Personality Test finds a primary “Steadiness” or a High S Personality style, that person thrives on warm personal relationships.

Steadiness - High S Personality - Jimmy Carter So earn their trust by taking things slowly, support their feelings, and show sincere interest.   Talk in terms of feelings, not facts.  The High S Personality Style wants to be assured that everyone will approve of them and their decisions.

The High S Personality style doesn’t want to ruffle feathers.  It is not wise to back a Steadiness style into a corner.  They will not respond to force.  You will be much more effective using warmth, sincerity and non-threatening approaches to gain their cooperation.

When working with the High S – DiSC Personality Test – help them to:

  • Avoid doing things the same way every-time
  • Realize there is more than one approach to tasks
  • Become more open to change and taking some risks
  • Recognize shortcuts to avoid unnecessary steps
  • Be more assertive – speak up and voice their thoughts and feelings

When selling to a person with a High S – DiSC Personality Test – Make sure you:

  • Approach them at a slower pace and develop trust, friendship and credibility
  • Identify their emotional needs as well as their task or business expectations
  • Focusing on the human element …  how something affects them personally
  • Avoid rushing them and give them personal, concrete assurances, when appropriate
  • Communicate with them in a consistent manner on a regular basis

When Socializing with a High S – DiSC Personality Test – Be sure to:

  • Focus on a slower-paced, pleasant and steady approach
  • Respond sensitively and sensibly – avoid arguments and conflict
  • Acknowledge them privately with sincere and believable compliments
  • Show them step-by-step procedures and allow them to follow through on concrete tasks
  • Behave optimistically and offer them stability and a minimal amount of change

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