Time Mastery and the DiSC Profile

Your approach to Time Mastery depends on your DiSC Profile Style

The Dominant Behavioral Style and Time Mastery

People who express the Dominant Style tend to act quickly to create results.  Start their day by checking their to-do list.  They pack more into their schedules than most people, and tend to burn the candle at both ends.  At the end of the day, they crash.   Can you relate?

Reject the “Crash and Burn” style of time management – make time for yourself

  • Connected breath meditation in the a.m. and p.m. can help create balance.
  • Or, schedule a weekly massage – especially during holidays

How does the Influence Style manage their time in a big world of possibilities?

The Influence style tends to be the most lax and spontaneous about their time.  They wrestle with how to fit in fun in a world of commitments and schedules.  Their natural style tendencies can run late and misplace things – causing relationship tensions.

Give yourself some “Free time” something to look forward to each week.

  •  Schedule a movie night with friends, or a date night with your partner.
  • Try a new recipe . . . wear a new outfit!   It doesn’t have to be big.

How do Steady Styles manage their days and time in a fast-paced world?

The Steadiness Style tends to like making plans and moving at their own pace.

Go with the flow Steadiness Styles . . . 

  • Allow yourself a cushion of time – so you don’t feel rushed. Move at your own pace.
  • Create “down time” for yourself and tune into your feelings
  • Listen to your body – stress often manifests as sickness – pay attention.

The Conscientiousness Style and Time Mastery

The Conscientious Style tends to like structure and routine and staying on track.  They enjoy perfecting their time management skills, and tend to get annoyed when others don’t share their sense of timeliness.

Simplify Your Time Management and Stay on Track

  • Honor both your own needs and the different needs of her loved ones
  • Create a life balance to help you move through life with greater ease

Healthy relationships are possible when you know your DiSC Behavioral Style.  You will learn to make better decisions on how to manage your time and tendencies.  Instead of fighting against your style, learn to work with it — life will be easier, and more enjoyable for your relationships

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