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Utilizing Patrick Lencioni’s influential book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” The Five Behaviors™ Team Development profile assesses individuals based on the essential behaviors necessary for team success: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

Additionally, this profile incorporates the valuable insights provided by the Everything DiSC® model, enabling team members to gain a deeper understanding of their own behaviors and those of their colleagues. By enhancing trust and fostering better working relationships, this approach contributes to overall team improvement.

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The Five Behaviors™ Team Development program aims to revolutionize the way team members collaborate, resulting in enhanced engagement, improved productivity, and the establishment of a more satisfying and enjoyable team culture.

This comprehensive learning experience is immersive and impactful, ideally facilitated by a trained expert who can leverage Patrick Lencioni’s Five Behaviors™ model and tailor the learning journey to the team’s specific needs.

The process begins with each team member completing a computer-adaptive assessment, generating a collective result and a comprehensive profile report that provides valuable insights.

The personalized profile serves as a roadmap, allowing teams to understand their current standing on The Five Behaviors™ and initiate the journey of working together more effectively.

Supporting resources and follow-up materials reinforce the lessons learned, ensuring their integration into the organization’s culture on an ongoing basis.

Rest assured, the assessment used in this program, along with the Five Behaviors™ of a Cohesive Team model and all associated reports, has undergone rigorous testing and validation to inspire confidence in its accuracy and reliability.

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