DiSC® Profile - Learning Differences
DiSC® Profile - Learning Differences

People tend to learn differently, depending on their DiSC® Profile Behavioral style.  Below are examples of how each of the DiSC® Profile behavioral styles can have different preferences and priorities for working within the learning process.

The High D Personality  –  Dominance Behavioral Style asks “WHAT?” questions:  WHAT’S the point?  WHAT’s in it for me?  WHAT’S the Bottom Line?  They will be interested in seeing a syllabus or an agenda for WHAT s/he is expected to learn.     The Dominant behavioral style generally has pre-conceived opinions about most any topic or subject matter. This tendency may compromise their objectivity.    Dominant Behavioral Styles tend to be impatient and they like to operate at a fast pace. They have little tolerance for things that they perceive as mundane or unimportant.  They love a challenge and they like to be in control.  They may question the trainer, the topic, or the training methods. These tendencies can present challenges even for the most seasoned trainers.

The High I Personality – Influence Behavioral Style asks “Who?” questions.  WHO else is going to be there?  WHO can I socialize with?  WHO recommended this training?  Influence styles are generally open to new theories, new ideas, and new methods of learning.  They love to have fun, and want to be entertained while learning. Group participation, where they have the opportunity to express themselves is their idea of a great learning environment. They like interaction and role playing, and they appreciate games, visuals and activities. Since they tend to have a short attention span, they will learn best if the DiSC® Profile Training is short, fast paced and stimulating.

The High S Personality –  Steadiness  Behavioral Style asks “HOW” questions.  HOW are we going to learn?  HOW shall we go about this?  HOW can we ever get all this done?   They tend to be very procedural – they prefer to learn in a step by step manner.  They appreciate a “show, tell, do” method of learning.  Show me, tell me, let me do it!   It is most helpful to them if they can observe the training, then practice the learning over and over in the presence of a coach or trainer. The actual “doing” of an activity gives them the opportunity to get comfortable with a new topic or procedure.  They are receptive learners, and the most patient of all the DiSC® Profile behavioral styles.

The High C Personality – Conscientiousness Behavioral Style asks “WHY” questions.  WHY are we doing it this way?  WHY are we expected to learn this?  WHY are we using this training method? WHY, WHY, WHY?   They are very precise and analytical. They will appreciate having a plan, and staying on schedule.  Facts, data and a logical approach will be important to them.  They will ask lots of questions – and while their questions can sometimes come across as being critical of the training, or trainer; it is usually because they want to get it right the first time.  They have a need to be factual and correct, and they want to understand what is expected of them.

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