Upgrade From DiSC Classic to the Everything DiSC Profile

Have you been interested in trying Everything DiSC Profiles for your team or work group?

Now is the time, and you can do it for less!

If you’re currently using  DiSC Classic, you can upgrade to Everything DiSC Profiles for less with our Reach Back, Leap Forward Migration Program. 

Through December 31, 2012, anyone who has a completed DiSC® Classic profile and has it stored in your EPIC account, can upgrade at a special reduced cost:

You can take any Everything DiSC Profile for 10 Credits off:

That means that you can experience . . . 

Why would you want to upgrade? 

There are several differences!  Everything DiSC Products use the newest research and technology from Inscape Publishing.   The Profiles use 8 scales, compared to the 4 scales with DiSC Classic. This makes it a more precise instrument.

DiSC Profile Circular ModelThe report is also more personal, more relevant, and has a richer more detailed narrative. Results are displayed on a circle graph, which provides a more intuitive and memorable report. The shading of the circle illustrates how we are all D, I, S, and C. The reports are all topic specific and application focused.

The best way to evaluate the benefits is to have a personalized experience with the profile.   For a comparison see Which DiSC Profile to use.

Our customer’s tell us that their favorite benefit is the FREE Comparison Reports.  For any two people who have completed an Everything DiSC Profile, you can print a Comparison Report to create dialog and understanding between co-workers.

We’ve made it easy for you to upgrade! No rebates and no paperwork required!

It’s an easy process . . . just sign in to your EPIC Account . . .
Then, search for a respondent’s DiSC Classic 2.0 profile by going to to Manage Reports, then select Edit Existing Reports.  Select Create an Additional Report and then select the DiSC Profile of your choice.  You’ll be charged 10 credits LESS than the report normally costs.  (The Edit Existing Reports function MUST be used to take advantage of this special offer.)

Here are Instructions for Upgrading from Classic to Everything DiSC

If you have any questions, contact us at:  info@discprofiles4u.com

Instructions for Upgrade from Classic to Everything DiSC

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