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EPIC allows you to manage large quantities of profiles online and gain access to all of Inscape's Online Profiles and FREE Comparison Reports

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Time Mastery Profile

...Increase Personal Efficiency ...reduce wasted time.

Time Mastery Training Applications:

Time Management Training, Job Coaching

The Time Mastery Profile® - a unique tool that provides people with a complete self-directed assessment of their current time-management effectiveness.

This instrument helps people set priorities and better manage their time by evaluating 12 critical areas:

  • Attitudes
  • Goals
  • Priorities
  • Analyzing
  • Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Interruptions
  • Meeting
  • Written Communications
  • Delegation
  • Procrastination
  • Team Time

Time Mastery Skills Gap Analysis (only available online)

The Time Mastery Profile online asks the respondent to prioritize the time management categories required for their specific job. It then graphs the individual’s areas for improvement with their prioritized job areas.

Use The Skills Gap Analysis to pinpoint the areas where improvement will have the greatest impact on personal and professional success.

The Time Mastery Profile – Online or Paper

The Mastery Profile (online version) 32-page profile provides instant results upon completion of the survey. It also features the Skills Gap Analysis. (available only online)

The Time Mastery Facilitator Group Report allows the facilitator to customize the training or coaching sessions based on the job importance and self-assessed skill level of participants.

The Group Skills Gap Analysis shows group data, and pinpoints categories that require immediate attention.

Confidential participant data is presented anonymously for group discussion purposes – as well as by name for facilitator use.

Sample Reports

Time Mastery Profile Individual Report - (online version)

Time Mastery 2.0 Group Facilitator Report - (only online)

All of Inscape's Online Profiles are delivered via EPIC: Electronic Profile Information Center

epic.jpgEPIC, or Electronic Profile Information Center, is an online system which offers you an easier and more cost-effective method for purchasing, distributing, and reporting of Inscape's web-based assessments. For more information about EPIC, see the About EPIC page.

For years, facilitators have recognized the value of comparing and contrasting group members’ roles. Until now, they’ve had to devise their own methods of capturing this information — by creating tables, building spreadsheets, or just jotting it down on paper. With the Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 Group Report, we’ve taken this concept and run with it. The result? An advanced tool that helps groups capitalize on strengths to build a more productive and satisfying team environment.

Time Mastery Profile - paper version

36-page profile includes the assessment, information, and action planning for each category.