DiSC Profile and the Transfer of Training

When planning for DiSC Profile Training, customers often ask “how do I improve the transfer of training?

First, it’s important to look at how the training process is presented.  Consider what is done prior, during and after the training to help participants apply the skills and knowledge learned, and keep DiSC Profile training alive.

Are employees “sent” to training, or are they prepared and brought up to speed with a course outline, and a clear understanding of the objectives?   Do employees get an explanation from their manger about why DiSC Profile Training is important for the organization, the team and the employees?

Is Training viewed as Praise, Punishment or an Investment?

Is training viewed as Praise?  –  You’re doing a good job – let’s get you some additional training so you can do an even better job!   Or, is training viewed a Punishment? – Your performance is under par . . . you need some   training!  Or, perhaps it is viewed as an investment in performance improvement – rather than a cost?

Lastly, what is the current work environment like?  When participants return to their jobs, do managers conduct post-training briefings to hear about what participants learned?  Is there a goal setting and action planning for applying the new knowledge and skills on the job?  And do consider assigning accountability  partners for support and encouragement after the class?

Provide desk top job aids to assist with keeping the DiSC Profile Training alive:

The Everything DiSC Seminars provide topic specific People Reading Cards, or Interaction Guides as a desk top job aid for easy reference.

Manager and Supervisors can share the FREE Everything DiSC Comparison Reports to help co-workers understand self and others, and work more effectively together.  DiSC Comparison Reports are also a valuable aid for managers or supervisors to use in learning what motivates each direct report, what are common stressors.  DiSC Profile aids are always valuable for preparing those infamous performance reviews.

Make these common sense tips translate into common practice.

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