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Compare the DiSC Classic Profile to Everything DiSC Profiles?

The workplace has evolved, and so have DiSC Profiles. Read more about how your graph became a dot with the new Everything DiSC Profiles and discover what new products DiSC has to offer. Most recently, new Everything DiSC Profiles were developed by Wiley Publishing, to help people better understand their work relationships. The topic-specific Everything DiSC Profiles and Seminars are specifically designed for WORKPLACE TEAMS, MANAGEMENT, SALES, and LEADERSHIP.  

Which model best fits Your training Objectives? 
We can help you decide.  

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Adaptive Testing Graph - DiSC Profile

Everything DiSC Profiles

Uses New Circular Model and new Adaptive Testing Methods
(Highly Recommended for new DiSC Users, click here to read up on How Your Graph Became a Dot

DiSC Classic Profiles

Uses The Original
DiSC Graph Model

Your Best
Choice When . . .



You have . . .
Specific training objectives

You want . . . 
-  Access to Facilitator Group Reports
-  Free Comparison Reports
-  Latest Research with Highest Validity
-  Ease of Understanding 

You Have . . .
had success using DiSC Classic

You Want . . . 

-  General Behavioral Style Information
-  Lowest Possible Price Point Available
-  Paper Profiles for participants without        internet access

DiSC Training Certification DiSC Training Certification
However, DiSC Training Certification is available.  Ask us for more information!
DiSC Classic Certification has been discontinued - all future profiles and programs will be built on the Everything DiSC Model.


Available Online Only - via EPIC. 
EPIC = Electronic Profile Information Center

Available Online via EPIC, and in Paper Format


  • Facilitator Group Report
  • Group Culture Reports
  • FREE Team View
  • FREE and Unlimited Person to Person Comparisons
  • FREE and Unlimited Access to MyEverythingDiSC.com
  • Facilitator Group Reports
  • Group Culture Report
  • FREE Team View
  • No Comparison Reports available with DiSC Classic
Questions and Response Time

Uses Adaptive Testing Method - which provides 32% greater accuracy than DiSC Classic
-  Approximately 80 questions
-  15-20 minutes to complete
-  Scored on 8 Scales

Uses forced choice Method

-  10-minutes to complete 
-  28 - item Questionnaire
-  Scored on 4 scales

Scoring Methods

Automatic computerized online scoring with immediate results. Plotted on the circle model, showing relationships between individuals in a straightforward visual manner

Paper Profiles uses Manual scoring and is plotted on the traditional graph. 

DiSC Classic 2.0 online offers immediate results with automatic online scoring. Plotted on the graph model

DiSC® Reporting Method

Immediate results – View, Print or Save as PDF.   All Profile Reports, Facilitator Reports, Culture Reports, and Comparison Reports are delivered and managed online via EPIC 

Blue Paper Profile Booklet, has no group reports available 

DiSC Classic 2.0 online - view, print or save as PDF.  Group reports are available via EPIC

DiSC® Facilitation Materials

Everything DiSC Facilitator Kits Includes: Course outlines, trainer script, handouts, and PowerPoints with embedded video – all customizable on a USB Port

Facilitation kit with 13 Modules. Includes course outlines, scripts, handouts, PowerPoints with embedded video - all customizable on a USB Port 

within each
DiSC Model

Everything DiSC Workplace Profile


Create more effective working relationships.

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Manage more effectively – build better professional relationships

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Connect better and close more sales

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Improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors

Everything DiSC
Work of Leaders Profile


Create a Vision - Create Alignment - 
Champion Execution

DiSC 363 for Leader's Profile


A 360 tool for leaders that adds three smart strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.

DiSC Classic Facilitation System - Now on USB Port

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