DiSC Behavioral Styles and Behavioral Adaptability

Are DiSC Behavioral Styles flexible?   What is Behavioral Adaptability?

DiSC Behavioral Styles and Behavioral AdaptabilityBehavioral Adaptability relates to the way a persons manages their DiSC Behavioral Styles.  It is the persons willingness and ability to adjust their style or your approach to meet the needs of other people and the situation at hand. It’s an adjustment in attitudes, patterns, or habits of relating.

Adapting means that you adjust your behavior to make other people feel more at ease with you and the situation. No particular profile is naturally more adaptable than another, and the strategic adjustments that each person needs to make will vary by situation and people involved.

Each individual is personally responsible for making the decision to employ adaptability techniques, and those decisions need to be made on a case by case basis.

People may choose to be adaptable with some people, and less so with others. Or the decision to be adaptable or not, may apply on one day, and not the next. You may choose to be adaptable with one person today, and less so with that same individual on another day.

For some people, the awareness for the need to adapt comes naturally and somewhat intuitively; just by observing and honoring the priorities of others people

For example, using your DiSC Behavioral Profile style to adapt occurs each time you slow your pace to harmonize with a High S Personality – Steadiness Behavioral Style or High C Personality – Conscientious Behavioral Style; or when you move a bit faster for the High D Personality – Dominant or High I Personality – Influence Style.

You will observe adaptability in practice when the High D Personality or High C Personality takes time to build relationships with the more people oriented High I Influence or High S Steadiness Behavioral Style; or when the Influence and Steadiness style learn to focus on getting right to the point, with the Dominant; or getting the facts right when dealing with the Conscientiousness Style.

Behavioral Adaptability means effectively meet other people’s needs as well as your own.

Willingness to being adaptable enables you to interact more productively with difficult people and can help you to avoid conflict altogether, or at least to manage tense situations.

“To the extent that you give others what they want, will they give you what you want.”

Follow future posts as we discuss adapting to each of the 4 DiSC Behavioral Styles.

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