DiSC® Classic 2 – Conscientiousness Family – “Perfectionist” Pattern  –  C/s

The DiSC® Classic Profile Perfectionist Pattern is the second of three from within the Conscientiousness Family of profiles.  It is represented by a Primary C and secondary s.

If it can’t be done right, then why do anything at all – that is the mantra of the Perfectionist Styles.  Cs styles are driven by a need for accuracy and logic.  The C needs precision, and the s is driven by patience, resulting in an individual with a strong quality focus.

DiSC® Classic Profile – Perfectionists are precise thinkers and employ plans and procedures for both their personal and professional lives, thus avoiding the unexpected.  They use due diligence when called upon for detailed accuracy.  They question assumptions and require loads of information that they can analyze when exploring alternatives and before making a decision or reaching conclusions. 

C’s have high standards and adhere to pre-set procedures for accomplishments.  They enjoy overcoming challenges through persistence and intense focus of attention.  C’s can benefit from people who bring levity and positive energy to the environment, in order to provide encouraging feedback and boost morale.

Observable Behaviors: Reserved, deliberate, precise, cautious
Motivated By Predictable and stable outcomes
Judges  Others By Precision and high standards
Influences Others By Accuracy and attention to detail
Value to the Team Quality Control and maintaining standards
Overuses Clings to past procedures and “fail safe” options
When Stressed Resorts to tact and diplomacy
Fears Hostile antagonistic environment
DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness:With Tasks:
Be willing to experiment and take some risks to get new, better results.  Develop role flexibility.With People:
Be surrounded by people who can see the big picture without getting bogged down in details.
Balance working alone with working with others.

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