DiSC® Classic Profile – Steadiness Family – “Specialist” Pattern – Pure S Style

The Specialist Pattern is the first of four in the Steadiness family  It is the “Pure” S style.

The DiSC® Classic Profile “Pure” style has only one plotting point above the mid-line.  That means that the pure style is not affected significantly by other style influences – what you see is what you get.

Specialists are considerate, patient and always stand ready to help others.  Because of their modest and mild-mannered personality, they “wear well” with others.  The Specialist seeks to restore harmony to home or work.  They seek to minimize conflict and create a calm safe environment.  They are friendly compassionate people who patiently listen with empathy.  They build deep, relationships and are loyal friends and partners.

Specialists prefer practical, tried-and true procedures that ensure stability.  They like familiar, predictable patterns that produce consistent and reliable outcomes.    They prefer to work behind the scenes and offer support, rather than to lead.  Their ability to plan and follow procedures results in consistently remarkable performance.

Change does not come easily to Specialists – they don’t believe in change just for the sake of change.  If the reasons for change are fully explained and benefits are clear, they will support the change to avoid conflict.

Observable Behaviors Modest and moderate, accommodating to others
Motivated By Controlled stable environment, maintaining status quo
Judges  Others By Sincerity, friendliness and competence
Influences Others By Consistent predictable performance
Value to the Team Steady calming nature and consistent performance
Overuses Resistance to change
When Stressed Capitulates and adapts to those in authority
Fears Chaos, Change and Disorganization

DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

Be more realistic when evaluating people and situations.   Develop time management skills.  Trust their own ideas and contributions as being valuable and valued.  Become more flexible about routines and changes.  Learn techniques for becoming more confident and assertive.

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