DiSC® Classic Profile – Dominance Family – “Inspirational” Pattern – D/i Style

The Inspirational Pattern is the third of four patterns in the Dominance family and is depicted by a primary D and secondary i style.

People with the DiSC® Classic Profile Inspirational Pattern tend to influence the thoughts and actions of others.  
They attempt to control their environment and direct the behavior of others toward a predetermined goal.  They prefer to work with others through cooperation and persuasion rather than domination.

Inspirational personal have clear results in mind.  They can be charming in their interactions.  They offer others what they want and need, such as power and security, just to meet their own objectives.  They use persuasion when they want help from others.  People experience conflicting emotions from Inspirational People – they feel a push-pull sensation, being drawn to – yet distanced.   You will notice the following characteristics from people who demonstrate this DiSC® Classic Profile style.

Observable Behaviors Minimizes needs for affection and approval – accepts aggression
Motivated By Control of their environment and objectives
Judges Others By Social Status, personal strength of character
Influences Others By Persuasive charm, intimidation and use of rewards
Value to the Team Initiates, demands, tends to be a “mover and shaker”
Overuses The attitude that “the ends justify the means”
When Stressed Tends to be manipulative, belligerent or quarrelsome
Fears Loss of social status or appearing weak

Opportunities for Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

Concentrate on a systematic completion of work.  If detailed work with deep analysis is required, Inspirational Styles may resist.  Fun and variety is more to their liking.  Frequent change keeps energy and interest high.  It is beneficial to have someone double check things over on occasion so that details don’t get overlooked.   Be more sensitive and appreciate others more – letting them know that success depends on everyone.  This will encourage involvement and cooperation of others.

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