DiSC Classic Profile – Counselor Pattern (8 of 16)

DiSC Classic Profile – Influence Family – “Counselor” Pattern – I/s Style

The Counselor Pattern is the third of four in the Influence family and has a primary I and a secondary s style.

People with the DiSC Classic Profile
Counselor pattern embrace others with their warmth, empathy, and understanding.  They are long term relationship builders.  They are good listeners, and effective at problem solving.  Counselors use an indirect approach when dealing with others.  They tend to put people first, by providing recognition to others, – they attribute less importance to task accomplishment.  They’re apt to be overly-tolerant with others. When in a position of authority and responsibility, Counselors like to be appreciated, for their contribution.  They are calm, sincere and loyal.  You will notice the following characteristics about the DiSC Classic Profile Counselor Pattern.

Observable Behaviors Shows kindness, empathy and understanding
Motivated By Collaboration, friendship and a peaceful environment
Judges  Others By Willingness to look for the good in others
Influences Others By Sincere personal relationships and being available to others
Value to the Team Effective Listening skills, stability and predictability
Overuses Tolerance of others and using an indirect approach
When Stressed Is too trusting of others and becomes too flexible
Fears Causing stress or pressuring other people

DiSC Profile Classic

Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People: 

Counselors don’t like conflict, and are less comfortable making difficult decisions that will negatively impact others.   This causes them to sometimes be overly accommodating and too trusting, causing them to neglect their own needs. They would be well served to surround themselves with quality-focused people who provide structured processes.  They have high standards and need to observe deadlines and get things done in a timely fashion.  Their people skills make them a team player, and a valuable coach in some circumstances.

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