DiSC® Classic Profile – Steadiness Family – “Agent” Pattern – S/i

The Agent Pattern is the second of four patterns in the Steadiness family and presents a primary S,  with a secondary i

People with an Agent DiSC® Classic Profile pattern are easy going, relaxed, and they go with the flow.    Like their “i/s siblings, they strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and are committed to treating people with respect – a key distinction is that they tend to thinks of others first, then themselves. Their S or supportive style is naturally empathetic, and the i-influence style exudes enthusiasm.

Agents exude a kind and generous spirit.  They love to work in team settings, and appreciate environments that ensure stability and foster long term relationships with minimal change.  Their ability to use empathy without judgment easily attracts and maintains new friendships.

Agents also have excellent task related skills and add stability to their work environment through adherence to procedures and completion of tasks.  While they generally avoid conflict, Si’s are willing to mediate between others to restore harmony in the workplace.

Observable Behaviors Quiet, tactful, friendly, casual – accepts affection
Motivated By Acceptance of their group
Judges  Others By Inclusion of all people
Influences Others By Loyal Friendships and empathy
Value to the Team Service, creates harmony and empathy
Overuses Patience and kindness
When Stressed Uses key friendships to influence
Fears Chaos, conflict and disagreement

DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

With tasks:   Become aware of sources of stress and keep it to a minimum.  Avoid the S/I tendency to become easily offended or hold grudges.  Try new ways of doing things; don’t worry so much about mistakes.  Do not accommodate decisions that are not in the group’s best interest.

With people:   Agents tend to overuse kindness which can cause them to compromise their own needs for the wants of others.  Realize self-worth, be more assertive, speak you mind and  be more firm.  Develop the ability to say no when appropriate.

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