DiSC® Classic Profile  –  Influence Family – “Persuader” Pattern –  I/d Style

Persuader is the second of four in the Influence Family and has a primary I and secondary d style.

People with the DiSC® Classic Profile Persuader Pattern love working with and through people to accomplish their own objectives. Their outgoing and persuasive personalities easily gain their support and respect. Persuaders are able to impress others and sell themselves using their winning ways. They prefer their environment to provide mobility, and they like challenging assignments and a variety of activities.

They like to look good. Their positive outlook may cause them to be too optimistic about their work habits and other’s potential. They tend to overestimate their ability to change the behavior of others.

Persuaders desire freedom of expression, and freedom from boring tasks and routines. They need to be kept on task and balance their enthusiasm with realistic approaches. You will notice the following characteristics.

Observable BehaviorsEnthusiastic and trusting
Motivated ByStatus, prestige and authority
Judges Others ByTheir flexibility and ability to express themselves
Influences Others ByVerbal skills and friendly and open nature
Value to the TeamPoised and confident, delegates, sells and closes
OverusesOptimism, enthusiasm, and talks too much
When StressedIs easily persuaded, can be organized to look good
FearsSocial rejection and a fixed routine or environment

DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

People with I styles seek freedom from constraints – allowing their ideas and creativity to flow.  This unstructured approach can cause them to stray from norms and procedures. Following established procedures is important to their success.  It keeps them from losing track of timelines and deadlines, and keeps them from overlooking key details and making mistakes.  To improve with people, they need to be more objective about others’ skill levels.

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