DiSC® Classic 2  –  Conscientiousness Family  –  “Objective Thinker” pattern – Pure C Style

The Objective Thinker Pattern is the first of three in the Conscientiousness family and is a “pure” style.   A “Pure” style has only one plotting point above the mid-line.   That means that the pure style is not affected significantly by other style influences – what you see is what you get.

People with the Objective Thinker DiSC® Classic 2 focus on achieving complete and total accuracy in everything they do.  They continually question ideas and processes to ensure that things are done properly.   They are systematic, practical and efficient.

C’s make decisions based upon logical analysis of observable, quantifiable information, rather than being guided by the emotions of a situation.  They often prefer to work independently, yet they remain objective and diplomatic when dealing with others.  And generally those with a DiSC® Classic 2 Objective Thinker pattern emphasize the importance of facts when drawing conclusions or when planning actions.  They are meticulous about advance planning so as to avoid public failure.

When working with others, they are somewhat reticent in expressing their feelings.  They dislike aggression, and have a strong need to control their environment.  They do this with facts, figures and accuracy.   They tend to get bogged down in analysis paralysis.

Observable Behaviors: Critical thinking, logical, exact, reserved
Motivated By Precision and accuracy and logic
Judges  Others By Logical thinking and factual information
Influences Others By Logic, facts and data
Value to the Team Fact gathering and testing information
Overuses Tends to over analyze – analysis paralysis
When Stressed Tends to fret and worry
Fears Criticism and losing control of emotions
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DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness:

With Tasks:     Minimize overuse of analysis.   Loosen up  . . . no need to be right all the time.

With People:    Be more receptive and open to other people’s ways . . . be more social.

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