DiSC Classic 2 – Practitioner Pattern – (16 of 16)

DiSC Classic 2 – Conscientiousness Family – “Practitioner”  –  C/i/s

The DiSC Classic 2 Practitioner Pattern is the third of three in the Conscientiousness family, and the last of the DiSC Classical Patterns. It is represented by 3 points above the mid-line; a primary C and secondary i and s.

Practitioners enjoy being a team member and helping others succeed.  They prefer a supportive role, and would rather not be the leader.  They don’t want to be held accountable for major decisions or taking risks.  When they have plenty of time to think things through, they can bring valuable insights to the team process.   Their reluctance to move fast can frustrate others.

Practitioners prefer a comfortable and cooperative environment where people are trusting and pleasant.   They thrive when they can contribute to projects that require attention to detail.

Daily performance and self-discipline is important to Practitioners.  The expectations they have of themselves and others are very high.  They have a tendency to voice disapproval when their expectations are not met.

Observable Behaviors Accommodating and inspiring
Motivated By Supporting and interacting with others
Judges  Others By Status of position and self-discipline
Influences Others By Skill with problem solving and technology
Value to the Team Can specialize and be proficient
Overuses Somewhat restrained, puts personal objectives first
When Stressed Overly sensitive to criticism and restrained.
Fears Risk taking and being too predictable.

DiSC Classic 2 – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with…

Tasks:  Share your valuable insights.  Delegate tasks to others when appropriate.

With People: Appreciate and inspire others and keep them going when the going gets tough.  More collaboration with others can be beneficial.  Trust the input of others. Help others develop organizational skills and create an organized approach to their work.

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One thought on “DiSC Classic 2 – Practitioner Pattern – (16 of 16)

  1. I believe the DISC is a nice way to bring self awareness, however, when it dictates everything about who I am to others, in a report that I’m now bound to the description of behaviors…. its taking things a bit too far (bosses with no psychological training are now experts about my personality ??). Then they want to talk to me like I need to be spoken to (according to my DISC) comes across very strange and manipulative. Unlike just having a normal conversation and working through the various differences of opinion. Bottom line, its a starting point, self awareness and understanding of our differences. Situations change and so do behaviors. Just my take. Thank you

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