DiSC® Classic Profile – Steadiness Family – “Investigator” Pattern – S/cd.

The Investigator Pattern is the fourth of four styles in the Steadiness family.  They are recognized by three plotting points above the mid-line S/cd.

People with the the DiSC® Classic Profile Investigator pattern have dogged determination to goals and follow-through.  Investigators are clear about the results they want.   They calmly and steadily pursue toward a fixed goal.  With a clear plan and organized actions they accomplish much.  They thrive on challenging technical assignments where they can use logic instead of emotion.  Their determination and tenacity sometimes needs re-directing. Investigators value accomplishing things in a well done fashion.  They assume heavy responsibility and are attentive to important details.   They have a keen ability to learn from experience, and can take corrective action when needed.

With a preference to work alone, people are not their top priority. 

Observable Behaviors Persistent, analytical, cautious, disciplined
Motivated By Position, Title or role title authority
Judges  Others By Their use of factual and reliable information
Influences Others By Personal tenacity and determination
Value to the Team Determined task focus and follow-through
Overuses Bluntness and lack of trust with others
When Stressed Holds grudges and internalizes conflict
Fears Criticism in front of peers, being too involved with others

DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

With Tasks:  Be open to different ways of getting results desired. Be less critical of self. To ease stress levels, let others know what’s needed, and let them carry part of the load.  

With People:   Be less distant and more open and involved with others.  Develop an understanding of others, and respect their emotions.  Share expertise so that others can develop the ability to do things well.  Put people before tasks.

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