DiSC® Classic Profile – Dominance Family –  “Result Oriented” Pattern – D/i Style

High D PersonalityThe Results Oriented Pattern is the second of four patterns in the Dominance family and is depicted by a primary D and secondary i style.

Within the DiSC® Classic Profile, Dominance Family, “Results Oriented” people seek to accomplish results.  They value independence, and display self-confidence that some may perceive as arrogance.  They are competitive and like difficult tasks and high positions.  They exude a sense of self-importance, and display self-satisfaction when completing their responsibilities.  They may become impatient with routine work.   Their forceful and direct manner may create challenges with co-workers.   

Result-Oriented people tend to be critical of others who are not as quick thinking as they are.  They make value judgments based on others ability to get results.  They are persistent and determined even in the face of antagonism.  They may appear blunt and uncaring.  You will recognize them by the following characteristics.

Observable Behaviors: High ego strength & rugged individualism
Motivated By Control, Dominance and Independence
Judges Others By Ability to accomplish tasks quickly
Influences Others By Diligence and Force of Character
Value to the Team Persistence and determination
Overuses Competitive behaviors creating win / lose
When Stressed Fault finding, critical, oversteps boundaries

DiSC® Classic Profile – Dominance Family:

Results Oriented – Opportunities for Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

In order to accomplish a lot of tasks, people with the DiSC® Classic Profile Dominance style needs to lead high performing teams where the goals are the group’s goals, not just the goals of the Dominant leader.  Success will come more easily if the Dominance Style will ratchet up the “i” tendencies in this pattern, and practice patience with others, show concern and be interested in them.   Getting opinions and suggestions of others will also improve success.  This is a tall order because the DiSC® Classic Profile Dominant Style dislikes being limited or controlled by others in any way.  It goes without saying that it would help to take more time to think through consequences before moving ahead.

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