DiSC Classic Profile – 15 Classical Patterns (1 of 16)

The DiSC Classic Profile – An Introduction to the 15 Classical Patterns

Welcome to the first in a series of 16 articles where we’ll introduce you to the 15 DiSC Classic Profile patterns.    In future blog posts each of the 15 classical DiSC Profile patterns will be featured in full detail.

DiSC Classic Profile – 15 Classical Patterns (1 of 16)Each classical pattern has a primary style, represented by the highest plotting point above the blue mid-line on each graph. Most patterns have a secondary style as well, as indicated by the second plotting point above the mid-line. It’s important to understand that the secondary style has a significant influence on how individual DiSC Profile Test patterns present themselves.

There are 4 patterns that have only one plotting point above the mid-line. These are called “Pure Styles.” The pure style is not affected significantly by secondary style influenceswhat you see is what you get.

You can locate the Pure Styles within each of the DiSC families in the graphs below – D/Developer, i/Promoter, S/Specialist, C/Objective Thinker.  Each pure style is indicated by a red dot.  All other DiSC Profile patterns have a primary and secondary style.

As an aspiring DiSC Profile Test Practitioner, one of the quickest ways to become acquainted with the 15 Classical Patterns is to view them within their Pattern Family. Then associate each pattern with someone you know well – that is, someone you work or live with who has that particular pattern. As you observe the behaviors unique to that person or pattern, you will soon learn to recognize the pattern name, make style associations and connect the behavioral tendencies of each style pattern.
Remember:  Indicates the Pure Style.

Click on any link below to view each of the 15  DiSC Classical patterns

Or… Click on the links below to view any of the 15  DiSC Classical patterns

DiSC Classic Profile – High D Personality – The Dominance Family:
Developer●, Results Oriented, Inspirational, Creative

DiSC Classic Profile – High I Personality – Influence Family:
Promoter●, Persuader, Counselor, Appraiser

DiSC Classic Profile – High S Personality – Steadiness Family:
Specialist●, Achiever, Agent, Investigator

DiSC Classic Profile – High C Personality – Conscientiousness Family:
Objective Thinker●, Perfectionist, and Practitioner
disc-small-yellow.jpg  practitioner2.jpg


Please Follow the remainder of this series as we will feature each of the 15 Classical DiSC Profile patterns.

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