DiSC® Classic Profile – Steadiness Family – “Achiever” Pattern – S/d

The Achiever Pattern is the third of four patterns in the Steadiness Family and it presents with a primary S and secondary d.

People with a DiSC® Classic Profile with the Achiever pattern have a strong sense of personal accountability.  They are confident of their personal work accomplishments, and may be reluctant to delegate tasks when under stress.  They thrive when they have a strong sense of direction over their work and personal lives.  They are continually in pursuit of new accomplishments. While their D nature is focused on results, their S nature cares about fairness and respect.  They are natural style choice when fighting for equality and justice.  With their S-compassion and D-tenacity, they are willing to speak up for those who are unwilling or unable.  With the willpower of the D tendency, and the S-patience tendency, the Achiever displays unwavering determination to fight for a cause.

The dual style of S and D makes it difficult to predict the reactions of the Achiever.  Sometimes they are in D mode – direct and results oriented, and at other times they are in S mode – caring and accommodating.  They are highly independent, yet may want to be part of a high performing team.   They express fierce loyalty to people in their lives.

Observable Behaviors: Methodical, deliberate, independent, persistent
Motivated By Personal Accomplishments
Judges  Others By Ability to achieve measurable results
Influences Others By Personal accountability for their assigned work
Value to the Team Independence and completes tasks effectively
Overuses Task focus and self-reliance
When Stressed Shows impatience and frustration
Fears Compromising results with inferior work

DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Increased Effectiveness with Tasks and People:

With People – be more flexible and willing to compromise with situations and people. Keep a balance between the directive side and the supportive side.  Give others the opportunity to help. Gain perspective by listening to feedback from family, friends and co-workers

With Tasks – Clarify priorities and consider using approaches other than your own.

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