DiSC® Classic Profile – Dominance Family – “Developer” Pattern – Pure “D’ Style

The Developer Pattern is the first of four patterns in the Dominance family and has a Pure D Style.

A “Pure” style has only one plotting point above the mid-line. The pure style is not affected significantly by other style influences – what you see is what you get.

When you take the DiSC® Classic Profile, you receive a custom report with a complete individualized explanation of what the “D” style means for you.  Feel free to use this information as a supplement or online source for what makes you unique.

disc-small-green.jpgDevelopers are self-reliant individuals who prefer to seek their own creative and individualistic solutions.  They are strong-willed, and prefer to be free of constraining influences. Developers are most interested in opportunities for advancement accomplishing the goals they set for themselves.  A challenge to them is like meat to a lion.

You will observe them using direct, forceful behavior.  They are persistent, and will jump whatever hurdles necessary to overcome obstacles to success.  They have high expectations of themselves and others, and tend to be critical when standards are not met.  With their intense focus on results, they may seem impatient and uncaring when dealing with others.

People with the “D” style prefer to shape their environment by overcoming opposition. They often exhibit the following characteristics and views.

Observable Behaviors: Primary interested in personal needs and wants
Motivated By A challenge and new opportunities
Judges Others By Ability to meet their standards
Influences Others By Being a solutions finder
Value to the Team Innovative Problem Solver – the buck stops with them
Overuses Attempts to control people and situations
When Stressed Becomes belligerent if things don’t go their way
Fears Loss of Control and loss of new opportunities
DiSC® Classic Profile – Opportunities for Effectiveness with Tasks and People:Take advantage of opportunities for creating win-win strategies.  Overuse of directness may overpower other people.    Instead of announcing decisions and conclusions, an explanation will settle better with a work team. Using tact, diplomacy and patience with others will bring better results.  

The DiSC® Classic Profile is Classic because it’s so simple yet effective.  There is little need for explanation of how to use the results to improve your relationship.   You can put your DiSC® Classic Profile to work to improve your work environment and your bottom line immediately.

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